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More Than Just a Hobby – October 29, 2023

One of the stories we all love to see/hear/read about in the hobby community below here…….
JJ and his dad are customers of the shop and personal friends of mine. JJ came in for his birthday and opened a mystery bundle Envelope (6 packs).
One of the packs inside was a 19-20 Series 2 Hobby Pack, before he ripped the pack i let him know to be careful in the event he was lucky enough to hit a high gloss Young Gun……we opened the pack together and lo and behold there was a first print high gloss 1/10 Young Gun of Joel Farabee inside!
A patient wait after submission to PSA Canada and we were fortunate enough we took care of the card becauae we achieved the coveted PSA 10!
We all love Stories like this and this is what the Hobby is all about!

October 29, 2023

💥Card Show #18 in Leduc Alberta Is In The Books!💥
The day started out with a friend from Germany visiting and gifts from across the ocean! Thank you Philipp Döhring as always my friend, it was a pleasure to have you in shop.
We had a lucky customer pull not one, but TWO pop count 1/1’s from only two boxes! 🥳
We had so many great tables set up and so many friends come in from out of town. The place was packed and a lot of fun all day. 
Highlight of the day was the 1/1 DUSTIN WOLF YOUNG GUN being pulled in the break room!
50 Large pizzas were consumed from the The Canadian Brewhouse (Leduc)! Huge shout out to Patrick Kehdy and his team accomodating the day!
Also the hobby communities trusted PSA Canada rep Luke Quach was in shop and helping collectors out with all their grading questions/needs.
Friends, big cards and lots of laughs made for a great day.
Already looking forward to November 25th’s show! If youre interested in setting up act fast, we are already half full for next month!
As always, thanks to everyone who participated or stopped by to say hello in shop or online. 

September 23, 2023

💥Another GREAT card show in the books!💥 It was easy to tell we are getting close to puck drop again! Shop had a busy and fun day with friends from out of town and most of the regular crew. The family of Gavin Hodnett of the Edmonton Oil Kings were in attendance and we were able to provide his brother with some of his brothers autographs courtesy of a few friends. 🤘🏻 Lots of Big Cards were pulled and some big deals/cards exchanged hands! The door prize we raffled ended up having a High Gloss Young Gun /10 in it as well. 🥳 Looking forward to a few coming announcements and Octobers Next Show!

July 29, 2023

💥💥Card Show #15 in the Books!💥💥
Big Shop Highlights from some wheeling & Dealing done with customers and friends, mixed in with everyones favourite pizza in Leduc Buster’s Pizza & Donair.
The Hobby Is alive and buzzing mid summer and everyone anticipating and chatting about October Drop!
A huge thank you to everyone who continues to show up, set up and support online or in shop. Each and every one of you are the difference makers and what keeps the shop’s experience unique to so many! ❤️
Next Card Show Dates:
August 26th, 2023
September 22, 2023
October 28th, 2023
November 25th, 2023
December 16th, 2023
Already Booking up for august!

June 17, 2023

💥June 2023 Card Show is in the Books!💥
Another crazy day with endless card memories made. Some massive in-shop card pulls on saturday, and endless highlights from the break room.
Had some close friends from Red Deer Show Up and lots of familiar faces from the Hobby world.
💥If you have any cards for Grading theres a PSA Canada Special on still until the end of June, the shops trusted friend Luke Quach was on site again sharing his knowledge and experience helping collectors out with all their questions.
Not one slice of pizza was gone to waste, huge shoutout to Papa Johns for coming through on short notice.
Thanks to everyone who showed up/set up or supported online. You are what makes this show what it is.
🥳Already Looking forward to the next show, July 29th, same spot, same time!🥳

May 27, 2023

💥CARD SHOW #13 is in the books and it was one to remember!💥 This started out like every card so we host, at the shop by 7:45am, setting up and greeting our friends and vendors setting up. The day turned out to be extra eventful as an unexpected visitor from out of town showed up to support. He is a long time friend of mine and supporter of the shop, he showed up with his son to surprise us. He ended up hitting a card that fit in my collection so we added another swap tonour history of trades. That was followed up by some other unexpected visitors out of Medicine Hat that ended up crashing the party and had a couple of massive pulls at the end of the day, including a 1/1 Bill Ranford autographed shield. Summertime is here and the playoffs may be over for most Canadian teams, but it was great to see the regular friendly faces and also meet a lot of new friends and card collectors as well. As always pizza was enjoyed by all from the shops favourite location in Leduc Buster’s Pizza & Donair. Just want to thank everyone who showed up and set up and supported online yet again, you are the difference makers for us and the engine that keeps the shop going. 🤘🏻🍻❤️

April 15, 2023

❤️❤️Words are simply Never enough❤️❤️
Wish i woulda taken more pictures in the chaos. So many friends, family and QCB family out today in person and legions more there in spirit and PM’s.
Incredibly humbled and thankful for each and every one of you who supported The Hobby Spot on our third National Hockey Card Day.
We will continue to learn and strive to continually get better and serve this industry we love.
Gotta add a huge thank you to the team Members who dealt with the madness and chaos in shop, would be lost without them. My parents, Vince, Erin Lisa Parish Derek Belanger (and wife) Dylan Rantucci, Drew Karlstrom and the shop captain Chad Wilson.
Thank You. Overwhelmed once again 🤘🏻❤️

February 25, 2023

Thank you to the 700+ people who came out yesterday and set up/showed up/enjoyed the day with us!
We had lots of new faces and new friends from out of town set up with some beautiful cards!
1. For the first time we had an In Shop Live Case break of 20-21 The Cup. We are going to attempt to do this every card show going forward.
2. An Edmonton local found his DREAM CARD for his number 1 PC Player, Tyler Benson Autographed Rookie Shield 1/1 from the cup!
3. Beautiful Ken Griffey Autographed Patch pulled by a local customer.
4. The shop landed a hard signed Guy Lafleur Autograph courtesy of a friend for the PC. (Lafleur, Beliveau, Maurice Richard are our keepers)
5. 42 Large pizzas were served to our customers from our favourite pizza location Buster’s Pizza & Donair (Leduc, 111 – 200, Awentia Dr)
1. McDavid premier auto /3
2. Leon Draisaitl Emblems of Endorsement /15
3. A Sealed Tin of 19-20 The Cup!
💥OUR CARD SHOW FOR APRIL WILL COINCIDE WITH THIS YEARS NATIONAL HOCKEY CARD DAY ON APRIL 15th, only the Card Hall will be available for tables, so there are only be 30 tables available as we will keep the main shop for games/prizes/pizza/cake for customers💥
Thank you to our friend and card professional Luke Quach who continues to mentor and help older and new collectors learn how to best capitalize on the value of their sports cards, PSA Canada is our shops brand of choice for all our grading needs.
Thank you to each and every person that continues to support in person or share our events online as the amount of foot traffic continues to increase each month it’s a testament to those who support us and we cannot do this without each and everyone of you.
-The Hobby Spot!
Universal Distribution Upper Deck

December 17, 2022

We had the foodbank set up in shop with us today participating in the hobby, an additional $3000+ was raised in shop via box/card singles/table fees on top of the $14,276.50 raised online through various methods. We are sitting roughly at $17,350.00 currently. We have one more day tomorrow of online raffles to try and get our total to the $20,000.
Additionally we raised a total of 3,126 Food Bank items traded for hockey packs or donated by friends/members/locals etc. The shop will double that total to 6,252 total items.
A huge shout out to our friend Luke Quach and PSA Canada for sponsoring this show and enabling our show participants to donate their table costs directly to the food bank and picking up the pizza tab for everyones lunch.
I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for the last 3 1/2 weeks who came to the shop, who messaged or supported online or brought in food bank items. None of this would’ve been possible without each and everyone of you and I am extremely motivated and grateful for the support of this year‘s program. 
We are already cooking up ideas for next years run. Check our website at as
There will be a more in-depth analysis and breakdown with pictures for the entire effort Everyone put in over the last three weeks until today. I just wanted to get some thoughts off my mind and let everyone know how grateful I am for today’s events. 
-The Hobby Spot

November 26, 2022

An amazing day with so many friends, locals and new collectors we met in shop. All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better day!
Here are our highlight moments of the weekend:
1. 40 Large Pizza’s from Buster’s Pizza & Donair were Consumed!
2. We had several friends travel from out of town to set up and support the shop.
3. We acquired over 300 additional Food Bank Items in one day as part of our annual “Packs For Food Bank Items” Program. 🙏🏻
4. A friend from British Columbia took the time out of their day to Door Dash Food Bank Items to the shop to help contribute to the cause!
5. Seen some amazing cards pulled from a Wayne Gretzky auto in one pack of clear cut to a customers first Hobby Box of the year revealing a Cole Caufield Rookie Materials Patch /25! 🤯
To boot……. the Oilers Won 🤘🏻
Thank you to everyone who showed up/supported online/brought food bank items etc. NONE of this is possible without each and everyone of you.

October 22, 2022

To everyone who came out and set up/showed up/supported the shop and shared the day with us. Was another awesome day in Leduc. 🤘🏻🍻❤️

September 24, 2022

💥Our Sept 24th Card Show is in the books!💥
Amazing turnout, a huge huge shout out to each and every person who showed up/set up/supported online or sent along their wishes to be there with us!
We had 500+ people come through in person, over 340 slices of pizza eaten and some AMAZING cards pulled including a one pack open of this years SP Authentic which delivered a Kirill Kaprizov FWA /999!
Friends came from every corner Of Edmonton and surrounding areas and others as far as Vancouver, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Saskatoon and even a traveller from Winnipeg to come check out the show!
Endless fun was had, i just wanted to thank every single person who came out/shot the shop a message of support. None of it is possible without this amazing Hobby Community.
Already Looking forward to Saturday Oct 22! (We are already halfway booked to capacity)